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Export University Curriculum

The Export University curriculum focuses on the following areas:

  • Best practice processes and methodologies for international trade
  • Information, training and education
  • Professional development
  • Technology for export compliance & regulation
  • Managing information in different industry sectors
  • Maintaining a customer focus through information

The objectives of Export University include:

  • The sharing of local and international experiences and best practices
  • To promote networking and business opportunity development
  • To encourage the study of international trade and export development
  • To support the development of a professional community
  • To assist self-development
  • To provide a forum for education, knowledge transfer and the development of
    new skills and professional development
  • To promote best practices and their application in export development

Export University is a series of courses on exporting designed by the District Export Council, a volunteer non-profit organization associated with the U.S. Commercial Service of the U.S. Department of Commerce (http://www.us-dec.com/html/home.html).


The objective is to help American companies begin an export initiative and gain new skills and innovation in expanding their international sales.

Courses are designed in 3 series to provide new or experienced exporters with the tools they need to effectively organize their export operations.

The 100 Introductory Series is designed for all levels of personnel at primarily new-to-export companies seeking skills to identify and communicate with buyers, banks, logistics intermediaries, and others in developing the basis for an export transaction. Topics covered include:

  • Organizing for Export & Export Procedures
  • Export Regulations Overview
  • Considerations for Managing International Sales Orders
  • International Logistics
  • Building an Overseas Infrastructure
  • Growing Your International Business
  • Assessing Risk & Opportunity

The 200 Intermediate Series is designed for managers at exporting companies who are responsible for developing and fine-tuning operations to increase a firm's export volume. Topics in this series include such areas as:

  • Promoting Products in Target Markets
  • Market Penetration Considerations - Evaluating Candidates for Representation, Representation and Distribution Agreements, Branding, Pricing, Developing Overseas Representatives, Website Integration
  • Free Trade Agreements; Tariff and Non-Tariff Barriers
  • U.S. and International Agencies Supporting Trade - How They Work
  • Export Documentation and Effective Management of Export Transactions - The Pro Forma Invoice; Terms of Sale; Discrepancies in Letters of Credit; Export Credit Insurance; Introduction to Export Compliance
  • Market Research & Identifying Trade Contacts
  • Customer Service and Quality Assurance

The 300 Advanced Series is designed for executives responsible for developing and adjusting the strategic direction of an exporting firm. Topics in this series include such areas as:

  • Product Adaptation to Individual Markets - Standards; Engineering and Redesign; Packaging & Labeling; Warranties and After-Sales Service
  • Patents, Trademarks, and Intellectual Property Protection
  • U.S. & Host Country Tax Issues
  • International Bid and Performance Bonds
  • Creative Financing
  • Joint Ventures & Licensing
  • Establishing an Overseas Presence
  • Effective Compliance with the U.S. Export Administration Regulations
  • International Legal Considerations - Contracts; Disputes; and Pitfalls
  • Innovation and Leadership in Growing International Business
  • International Standards - CE Mark, ISO, CCC Mark, etc.

About the Presenters: Export University presenters are international trade practitioners who are associated with or recruited by members of the District Export Council, a group of private-sector individuals appointed by the Secretary of Commerce to provide mentoring on exporting. They will present the course material drawing from their extensive expertise in international trade.